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“I’ve just spent several days in St Catherine’s and have been amazed by the whole experience. The people are incredibly friendly, everywhere feels very safe and the whole atmosphere is absolutely peaceful... All in all it has been a hugely postive experience and far different from anything the media might portray. As a single female travelling alone, I recommend you give the area a try." -- Jacky (Spain)

Top 10 Historic Sites in South Sinai

Sinai is a Biblical place with many events believed to have taken place here, and you find intact and ruined Byzantine sites at or near many of them. But you find other beautiful historic sites, from the ages of the Pharaohs and Nabataeans, and others from more recent times. A Top 10 is always difficult to list: it is subjective but also has to include the main tourist sights. Following is my list of the 10 best Sinai historic sites... read more

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More photos and videos of the snow

The snow is over, it is soon the beginning of spring, but the memories of winter are still here. There were so many beautiful photos and videos of the snow on FB, I didn’t have time to collect them. Now catching up on this, showing you some of the most beautiful shots. Lot of content, the page might take some time to load! ... read more

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Sinai News+

Spring shower in the desert

A short while ago there was a little rain in the Sinai, but even a little rain can form creeks and waterfalls as it was captured on photos and a video by “Feel the desert.” In the desert, especially in rocky areas, water runs off the surface and collects in the gullies and wadis that connect to other wadis. This is the reason why you have to be careful during rainy times, as a little rain, maybe further away, can cause serious flash floods... read more

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Solar energy in South Sinai

According to an article in Clean Technica, Egypt plans to achieve the target of getting 20% of its energy from renewable energy sources by the year 2020. Most of it will be wind power, but the solar energy program is also expanding. A country with so much sun, especially when energy prices are rising, definitely has to develop its potentials. The main problem with solar energy is that it is still quite expensive to produce electricity on a massive scale. However, on a small scale, it can be easier to implement and is quite practical. Around 2009-2010, photo voltaic (PV) panels were distributed by various development projects to Bedouin in South Sinai... read more

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Vintage photos of the Sinai, by the American Colony in Jerusalem

These photos are from a collection of almost 100 pictures, shared by the Bedouin in St. Katherine, whose forefathers are captured on the images. It documents a journey to Mt. Sinai that took place around the beginning of the 1900s, organised by the American Colony in Jerusalem... read more

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