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The best 1-day hikes in Sinai

Either you are up for a longer trek or prefer a shorter hike, South Sinai welcomes visitors with open arms. Located hundreds of miles away from the trouble spots of North Sinai and mainland Egypt, the region is safe, and local operators still offer their programs for those who come. Following are ten of the best 1-day hikes, some easier and some more demanding... read more

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Rivers in the Sinai mountains

As reported, heavy rains pounded the Sinai yesterday. This video was shot today, showing the aftermath: there are “rivers” running in the mountains. This is a rare, but not an entirely unexpected phenomenon – in fact, rains used to be more plentiful in the past. As you can see on the video, there is a garden right next to the gushing flood, protected by a massive garden wall. ... read more

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Geographical features: Jidda / Dyke (Dike)

The whole southern tip of the Sinai Peninsula is a mountainous area, while the High Mountain Region proper, sometimes called the Central High Mountains, is the area in the middle around the town of St. Katherine. (See Google Earth screenshots below.) Up to 80% of the massif is granite of different types formed as far back as 600 million years, but there are also mountains that are made of newer, about 10 million year-old black volcanic rock. Sandstone and limestone are found north of the mountainous tip, forming surrealistic rock formations, sandy plains and eroded layered plateaus... read more

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Solar energy in South Sinai

According to an article in Clean Technica, Egypt plans to achieve the target of getting 20% of its energy from renewable energy sources by the year 2020. Most of it will be wind power, but the solar energy program is also expanding. A country with so much sun, especially when energy prices are rising, definitely has to develop its potentials. The main problem with solar energy is that it is still quite expensive to produce electricity on a massive scale. However, on a small scale, it can be easier to implement and is quite practical. Around 2009-2010, photo voltaic (PV) panels were distributed by various development projects to Bedouin in South Sinai... read more

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Vintage photos of the Sinai, by the American Colony in Jerusalem

These photos are from a collection of almost 100 pictures, shared by the Bedouin in St. Katherine, whose forefathers are captured on the images. It documents a journey to Mt. Sinai that took place around the beginning of the 1900s, organised by the American Colony in Jerusalem... read more

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