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“I’ve just spent several days in St Catherine’s and have been amazed by the whole experience. The people are incredibly friendly, everywhere feels very safe and the whole atmosphere is absolutely peaceful... All in all it has been a hugely postive experience and far different from anything the media might portray. As a single female travelling alone, I recommend you give the area a try." -- Jacky (Spain)

Top 10 Mountains in the Sinai

How do you define the best mountain? The highest or the most famous? The toughest or the one with the best view? A mountain can be significant for various reasons, so it is difficult to choose the Top 10. The High Mountain Region – easy to guess – features many of the best mountains in the Sinai, but some of the highest peaks are actually found outside of this relatively small area contained within the circular dyke around St. Catherine... read more

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The water pool of Wishwashi Canyon

Located a short walk from the popular beach area known as Ras Shaitan, on the coast between Nuweiba and Taba lined with cheap beach camps, there is a little hidden gem: the Wishwashi Canyon. If you climb up to the top, a fantastic view might greet you: a big water pool surrounded by vertical rock walls. It is a temporary pool, but recent rains, as the photos show, filled up Wishwashi Canyon again... read more

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Geographical features: Jidda / Dyke (Dike)

The whole southern tip of the Sinai Peninsula is a mountainous area, while the High Mountain Region proper, sometimes called the Central High Mountains, is the area in the middle around the town of St. Katherine. (See Google Earth screenshots below.) Up to 80% of the massif is granite of different types formed as far back as 600 million years, but there are also mountains that are made of newer, about 10 million year-old black volcanic rock. Sandstone and limestone are found north of the mountainous tip, forming surrealistic rock formations, sandy plains and eroded layered plateaus... read more

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Volunteering in Nuweiba, Egypt – Habiba Organic Farm

You can label it different ways, a venture in agrotourism, voluntarism, permaculture, sustainable development or whatever, the Habiba Organic Farm (HOF) is a unique project in Nuweiba. Diversity is at its core, whether it is about the range of plants they grow or their different activities and involvements. Managed by Maged el Said, Habiba farm is part of the international WOOF and other networks, and offers volunteers an opportunity to participate in something positive... read more

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El Tur – The remnants of old Arab traditions

In a little visited pocket of El Tur, the capital of South Sinai, you find the remnants of old traditions: beautifully built old houses, once home to a thriving community around a shipyard, and still a few of those craftsmen who build ships. The houses were made with rock from the sea, wood, palm trunks and earth as mortar. They are beautiful examples of the Arabic architecture that you find all along the East African coast, through Lamu and Zanzibar as far as Mozambique... read more

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