South Sinai is a great off-roading destination and many people visit at least a couple of sights in the desert – usually the Coloured Canyon and the lovely oasis of Ein Khudra with the adjoining White Canyon. However, to experience the magic of the desert at least an overnight tour is recommended. 4×4 safaris can last from 2 days to 2 weeks – there is enough to see in the interior.

Although often called Jeep safari, the other most popular 4×4 vehicle is the Toyota Landruiser. Jeeps are usually used for smaller groups and/or short distances, while Landcruisers for bigger groups and/or longer distances. Either way, a 4×4 safari is a memorable experience in the desert and highly recommended.

Popular destinations include the Coloured Canyon, Ein Khudra oasis and the White Canyon, Jebel Makharum, Arada Canyon and Serabit el Khadim.

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