Apart from water sports, restaurants and bars, there are other activities visitors can enjoy in the coastal tourist cities. These include camel and horse riding, riding beach buggies, quads and bikes, taking short 4×4 safaris, Bedouin dinner parties, sand boarding, star gazing, bouldering, rock climbing, and nature walks. Excursions to nearby attractions, or further such as Cairo, Luxor or the Holy Land, are also offered by operators.

Camel and horse riding

Camel and horse riding are popular in the resort towns, and they can last from a very short time to many hours or even a full day. Many hotels and operators offer camel rides to popular destinations such as the Blue Hole, or include short camel rides in their other programs. You can also ride camels at some of the oases and canyons, as well as at Mt. Sinai. Camels are either led on a lead or tied together. Although it is not a real safari, it might be quite an adventure for someone who has never ridden a camel before.

Beach buggies, quads and bikes

These machines are strong, they are noisy, they are fun… Off-road adventures of this type are popular on the outskirts of the resort cities of Sinai. However, some insurance companies do not cover activities such as quad-riding, so check your policy carefully. Some of the tours venture inside a National Park or Matural Protectorate – if that’s the case, please obey the rules and warn others if necessary!

As an environmentally friendly alternative, you can consider renting a push-bike or taking a bicycle tour!


Sandboarding is a fun activity, an adventure that many people love. There are suitable dunes near the red Sea resort towns, but to get to the biggest slopes one needs to take a 4×4 vehicle and head off to the desert. Not too many operators exist who offer sandboarding, but if you have an equipment you might also be able to use other safari operators to take you to the dunes. Good places for sandboarding include the Dune of el-Safra near Wadi Arada and the Nawamis settlement, or the Haduda sand dune near the Nawamis settlement and Ras Ghazala.

Bedouin dinner party

Having a Bedouin dinner in the desert followed by a party is a must for many visitors, and it is an activity virtually every operator, hotel and camp offers. However, the authencity of the event might vary a lot: while in some cases it is purely a tourist entertainment stunt, a dinner party organised by Bedouin operators tend to be more authentic. Music and singing into the night is how the Bedouin celebrate their various social events, and the atmosphere around the campfire under the stars is an unforgetable experience.

For an authentic experience we suggest to use a Bedouin operator or one that works closely with Bedouins.