The Sinai is a holy land and many people come as genuine pilgrims. Apart from Mt. Sinai there are many other religious places. It is also an ideal location for other spiritual and nature based activities, to relax, clear your mind.

“Silence is a true friend who never betrays” – Confucius

Yoga, reiki, meditation…

There is an increasing number of operators who provide yoga on resort premises or out in the Sinai nature. The setting is perfect either case, be it by the beach, in the desert or the mountains. There are other activities to revitalise your body, mind and spirit, such as reiki, meditation, fasting and more. Apart from specialty operators, quite a few Bedouin guides understand what the visitor needs are and can organise nature retreats. In the mountains people usually stay in lovely Bedouin gardens, while in the desert in traditional Bedouin tent.

Religious tours

Sinai is a Biblical land and many visitors come for this sole reason. The Monastery of Saint Katherine welcomes pilgrims of the Orthodox fate, and Mt Sinai – Mount Horeb or Gebel Musa – is a peak holy to all three Abrahamic religions. There is a small number of operators who specialise in organising religious tours, although excursions to the main attractions, including Mt Sinai, the Monastery of Saint Katherine, and possibly to the Convent in Wadi Feiran, are offered by most mainstream tour operators too.